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李佳琳 教授


 李佳琳 教授
 (03)211-8800 分機 5666



 1997.09 ~ 2001.07  國立陽明大學公共衛生學博士(流行病學組)
 1990.09 ~ 1992.04  美國密西根州立大學統計學碩士
 1986.09 ~ 1990.06  國立清華大學數學學士

 2013.08 - 迄今         長庚大學醫務管理學系(所) 教授
 2018                       行政院衛生福利部員額評鑑小組評鑑委員 
 2017                       教育部產業碩士專班審查委員 
 2017                       教育部再造技優計劃審查委員 
 2014                       亞東技術學院系所自我評鑑校外評鑑委員 
 2013                       公務人員高普考試典試工作閱卷委員 
 2013.08 - 2016.07   長庚大學醫務管理學系(所) 教授兼系(所)主任
 2012                       行政院衛生署實地員額評鑑小組評鑑委員
 2011.08 - 2013.07   長庚大學醫務管理學系(所) 副教授兼系(所)主任
 2006.08 - 2013.07   長庚大學醫務管理學系(所) 副教授
 2001.08 - 2006.07   長庚大學醫務管理學系(所) 助理教授
 1997.09 - 2001.07   長庚大學醫務管理學系 講師
 台灣公共衛生學會  終身會員
 International Epidemiological Association  (會員  2003-迄今)

(*Corresponding Author)       

1.   Chia-Lin Li, Fiona Stanaway, Jen-Der Lin, Hsing-Yi Chang*. Frailty and healthcare use among community dwelling older  adults with diabetes: a population-based study. Clinical Interventions in Aging (2018 Nov)13:2295–2300 (SCI)

2.   Yi-Chen Chiu*, Yi-Yen Tsai, Chia-Lin Li, Yen-Chun Liu. Correlations between Oral Health and Problematic Behavior of Nursing Home Demented Residents in Southern Taiwan. The Journal of Long-Term Care  (2017 Dec)  21(3) 303-317

3.    Chia-Lin Li, Yi-Chen Chiu, Yuh-Bin Bai, Jen-Der Lin, Fiona Stanaway, Hsing-Yi Chang. The co-occurrence of depressive symptoms and cognitive impairment and its relationship with self-care behaviors among community dwelling older adults with diabetes. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (2017 Jul) 129:73-78 (SCI) 

4.    Jen-Der Lin*, Shu-Fu Lin, Szu-Tah Chen, Chuen Hsueh, Chia-Lin Li, Tzu-Chieh Chao. Long-term follow-up of papillary and follicular thyroid carcinomas with bone metastasis. PLoS ONE (2017 Mar) 12(3): e0173354. (SCI)

5.    Hsiang-Fen Yeh,  Jung-Hua Shao, Chia-Lin Li, Chi-Chuan Wu, Yea-Ing L Shyu*. PPredictors of postoperative falls in the first and second postoperative years among elderly hip fracture patients. Journal of Clinical Nursing (2017 Jan) (Accepted) (SSCI)

6.    Hui-Hsuan Wang, Yea-Ing Lotus Shyu, Hsing-Yi Chang, Yuh-Bin Bai, Fiona Stanaway, Jen-Der Lin, Chia-Lin Li*. Prevalence, characteristics, and acute care utilization of disabled older adults with an absence of help for activities of daily living: Findings from a nationally representative survey. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics (2016 Nov)67: 28-33(SCI) (MOST103-2410-H-182-022 & EMRPD1F0301)

7.    Yi-Yen Tsai, Yen-Chun Liu, Chia-Lin Li, Yueh-Ying Yang, Yi-Chen Chiu*. Validation of the Chinese Version in Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT) for Clinical Non-Dentist Professionals.  Chang Gung Nursing (2015 Dec) 26(4): 401-409

8.   Chia-Lin Li, Ji-Tian Sheu, Ting-Ann Wang, Yu-Ping Wen, Minston Chao, Hsing-Yi Chang*. The relationship between healthy lifestyle and hospital utilization among adults with diabetes: results from a national cohort in Taiwan. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health (2015 Apr) 27(3): 303-313 (SSCI) DOI: 10.1177/1010539514524817 (NSC99-2410-H-182-007 & EMRPD1C0301) (†Equal contribution)

9.    Hsiu-Ying Fu, Chia-Lin Li*, Tzu-Hsin Huang, Suh-Ing Hsieh, Hung-Ming Wang. Service analysis of hospitalized patients in the hospice ward at a district hospital of Taoyuan. Chang Gung Nursing (2014 Dec) 25(4): 375-388

10.     Hui-Hsuan Wang, Ji-Tian Sheu, Yea-Ing Lotus Shyu, Hsing-Yi Chang, Chia-Lin Li*. Geriatric conditions as predictors of increased number of hospital admissions and hospital bed days over one year: findings of a nationwide cohort of older adults from Taiwan. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics (2014 Jul)59(1): 169-174(SCI)  (NSC100-2410-H-182-004-MY2 & NSC102-2410-H-182-008 & EMRPD1C0301)

11.    Ching-Hui Chien, Cheng-Keng Chuang, Kuan-Lin Liu, Chia-Lin Li, Hsueh-Erh Liu*. Changes in decisional conflict and decisional regret in patients with localized prostate cancer. Journal of Clinical Nursing (2014 Jul)23(13-14): 1959-1969(SSCI)doi: 10.1111/jocn.12470

12.     Yi-Chen Chiu*, Yi-Nung Lee, Peng-Chih Wang, Ting-Huan Chang, Chia-Lin Li, Wen-Chun Hsu, Shwu-Hua Lee. Family caregivers’ sleep disturbance and its associations with multi-level stressors when caring for patients with dementia.  Aging and Mental Health (2014 Jan) 18(1): 92-101 (SSCI)

13.   Chia-Lin Li*, Yi-Chen Chiu, Hsing-Yi Chang, Kuang-Hung Hsu, Yuh-Bin Bai, Hui-Hsuan Wang. Association of geriatric conditions and cardiovascular diseases with disability in older adults with diabetes: Findings from a nationally representative survey. Geriatrics and Gerontology International (2013 Jul) 13(3): 563-570 (SSCI) ( NSC100-2410-H-182-004-MY2 & EMRPD1A0871)

14.   Chia-Lin Li, Hsing-Yi Chang*, Chih-Cheng Hsu, Jui-fen Rachel Lu, Hsin-Ling Fang. Joint predictability of health related quality of life and leisure time physical activity on mortality risk in people with diabetes. BMC Public Health (2013 Jan) 13:67. (SCI) (NSC99-2410-H-182-007 & NSC100-2410-H-182-004-MY2 & EMRPD1A0871)

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  1.  李佳琳,「高科技公司員工健康促進與疾病預防介入之探討」,國科會91年度研究 計畫
  2.  李佳琳,「動態的健康促進對於身體組成與代謝指標之影響及相關因素的探討」,國科會
  3.  李佳琳,「應用ROC曲線比較預測第二型糖尿病之人體測量值-某醫學中心高血糖症之追蹤
       研究」,國科會93年度研究計畫 (NSC93-2320-B-182-022)
  4. 李佳琳,「腦下垂體功能低下與身體活動量、肥胖、及生活品質之相關探討:病例對照
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  6. 李佳琳,「糖尿病患者血糖自我監測與其他自我照護行為與醫療利用與死亡之相關因素探
      討」,國科會99年度研究計畫 (NSC99-2410-H-182-007)
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10. 李佳琳,「共病症與認知功能受損與活動功能衰退對於高齡糖尿病患者醫療照護利用之影響」,
11. 李佳琳,「衰弱對於高齡者醫療利用與死亡風險之影響」,科技部106-107年度研究計畫
      (MOST 106-2410-H-182-019-MY2)
  李佳琳,“金門地區糖尿病高危險群固定世代之長期追蹤研究” 陽明大學。博士論文; 90年7月。


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