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Department of Health Care Management


Chia-Lin Li


Chia-Lin Li, Ph.D.
Academic Positions
Associate Professor & Head of Department
886-3-211-8800 ext 5666


1997-2001        National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
                      Institute of Public Health, Ph.D.
1990-1992        Michigan State University, East Lansing, U.S.
                      Institute of Probability and Statistics, M.S.
1986-1990        National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
                      Department of Mathematics, B.S.
  Professional Experiences
2006.08- now             Associate Professor, Department of Health Care Management, Chang Gung University
2001.08 - 2006.07     Assistant Professor, Department of Health Care Management, Chang Gung University
1997.09 - 2001.07     Instructor, Department of Health Care Management, Chang Gung University
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2.  Chia-Lin Li*, Hsing-Yi Chang, Hui-Hsuan Wang, Yuh-Bin Bai. 2010 “Diabetes, functional ability, and self-rated health
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  Conference Papers
 1.   Chia-Lin Li, Nien-Yi Lin, Hui-Hsuan Wang, Chih-Cheng Hsu, Baai-Shyun Hurng, Hsing-Yi Chang. “A population study
       on changes in diabetes self-care behaviors in Taiwan between 2001 and 2005” Poster presentation at WCPD 
       2010 - 6th World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications, Dresden, Germany.
 2.  Chia-Lin Li, Ssu-Yuan Chen; Ching Lan; Wen-Harn Pan; Hui-Chuan Chou; Yuh-Bin Bai; Min-Su Tseng; Meei-Shyuan
      IMPAIRED FASTING GLUCOSE IN ELDERLY TAIWANESE" 2007 Joint scientific Meetings of the Australasian
      Epidemiological Association and the International Epidemiological Association Western Pacific Region, Hobart,
      Tasmania, Australia.
 3.  Chia-Lin Li, Pei-Yu Lu. 2007 August: “Body mass index, sedentary behaviours, physical activity, and dietary behaviours
      among college students in Taiwan” 2007 Joint scientific Meetings of the Australasian Epidemiological Association 
      and the International Epidemiological Association Western Pacific Region, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
 4. Chen SY, Li CL, Lan C, Lin PY, Pan WH, Bai YB, Lai JS. 2007 Dec. Physical activity among the elderly in Taiwan. The
     2007 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Dec 15~16, 2007, Taipei
 5. Yi-Chen Chiu, Hsin-Yi Kuo; Chia-Lin Li, Shwu-Hua Lee, Ting-Huan Chang. 2007 November: “Health Status among
      Family Caregivers of Taiwanese Patients with Dementia and Depression.” 2007 Annual Meeting of The Gerontological
      Society of America, San Francisco, US.
  6. Chia-Lin Li, Shih-Tzer Tsai, Pesus Chou. 2003 August : “Comparison of metabolic risk profiles and risk of diabetes
      between subjects with transient and persistent impaired glucose tolerance-the Kinmen study” 18th International
      Diabetes Federation Congress, Paris, French
  7. Chia-Lin Li , Shih-Tzer Tsai, Pesus Chou. 2002 August : “Comparison of the Natural History between Fasting and 
      2-Hour Plasma Glucose Impairment –The Kinmen Story” 16th World Congress of Epidemiology of the International
      Epidemiological Association, Montreal, Canada
  Research Proposal
1. National Science Council Research Proposal, The effectiveness of an aerobic exercise intervention on worksite health promotion – a case in a high-tech company, (NSC91-2416-H-182-004), Principal Investigator, 2002/08/01-2003/07/31.
2. National Science Council Research Proposal, The associations between physical activity promotion and body composition and metabolic risk factors, (NSC92-2416-H-182-013), Principal Investigator, 2003/08/01-2004/07/31.
3. National Science Council Research Proposal, Comparison of Anthropometric Predictors of Type 2 Diabetes by Using ROC Curve-A Longitudinal Study of the Fixed Cohort with Hyperglycemia in One Medical Center, (NSC93-2320-B-182-022), Principal Investigator, 2004/08/01-2005/07/31.
4. National Science Council Research Proposal, Physical activity, obesity, and quality of life in patients with hypopituitarism:a case-control study, (NSC95-2314-B-182-057), Principal Investigator, 2006/08/01-2007/07/31.
5. National Science Council Research Proposal, Association between personal health care management and health care utilization among Taiwanese diabetes, (NSC97-2410-H-182-009-MY2), Principal Investigator, 2008/08/01-2010/07/31.
  Doctoral Dissertation
Li Chia-Lin,"A Longitudinal Study of the Fixed Cohort at High Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes in Kinmen" Yang-Ming University; July, 2001.
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