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Department of Health Care Management


Ji-Tian Sheu


Ji-Tian Sheu
Academic Positions
Assistant Professor
886-3-211-8186, 886-3-211-8800 ext 5662,3306


1998-2004    Ph.D. in Economics, Department of Economics, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
1992-1994    M.A. in Economics, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
1988-1992    B.A. in Economics, Department of Economics, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
  Fellowships and Awards
2007 Best Teacher Award(Counseling), Chang Gung University
2006 Minister Wang Jin Naw Memorial Award for Best Paper in Health Care Management presented by Kimma Chang Foundation (paper titled: Physician Induced Demand and Hemodialysis Treatment in Taiwan).
1998/7 – 2001/7  Studying Abroad Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Taiwan.
  Professional Experiences
2004.8-present    Assistant Professor, Department and Graduate Institute of  Health Care Management, Chang-Gung University
2003.5-2004.5     Analyst, Center for Multicultural Mental health Research, Cambridge Health Alliance/ Harvard Medical School
2001.6-2003.5     Research Assistant, Department of Economics, Boston University
1995.7-1996.7     Assistant Research Fellow, Research Division V, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
1994.8-1995.7     Research Assistant, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
  Professional Affiliations
2008-2010 Deputy secretary general, Taiwan’s Association of Health Economics Member,Taiwan Economics Association, International Health Economics Association.
H.M. Lien, and Ji-Tian Sheu, (2008), " "Simultaneous Price Adjustment of the Same Scale" ---Concerned Actions or Conscious Parallel Conducts," Taiwan Economic Review, Vol.36(3), pp393-421.
J.T. Sheu, and H. M.Lien(2007), "Physician Induced Demand and Hemodialysis Treatment in Taiwan", Taiwan Economic Review, Vol.35(4), pp415-450.
J.T. Liu, J.T. Sheu(1998), "Perceived Risk and Wage Compensation: An Empirical Study of Petrochemical Workers in Taiwan," Academia Economic Papers, Vol. 26(1), pp51-69.
  Conference Papers
J.T. Sheu and H.M. Lien (2008), Health Shocks, Consumption and Saving, The 2008 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Sociology Association, Nankung, Taipei, Taiwan.
J.T. Sheu and H.M. Lien (2007), "Effect of the Ownership of Dialysis Facilities on Patients' Survival" , Poster Presentation in the 6th World iHEA Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.
J.T. Sheu and H.M. Lien(2006), "Physician Induced Demand and Hemodialysis Treatment in Taiwan", 10th Economic Development Symposium, National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan.
J.T. Sheu and H.M. Lien(2005), "Managed Care Provider Networks and Enrollees' Provider Choics", Conference paper, presented in the 5th World iHEA Congress in Barcelona, Spain, .
  Research Reports
J.T. Sheu(2009), Impact of Market Competition on Expenditure and Quality of Care, Evidence From Dialysis Treatment. NSC Research Report, NSC-96-2416-H-182-007-MY2
H.M. Lien, J.T. Sheu, and J.T. Liu(2007), Social Inequality and Health Disparities: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Implications: The Impact of Health Shock on the Household’s Medical Care Use, Saving and Consumption, NSC Research Report (Co-Principle Investigator,NSC 95-2627-H-004 -001 -MY2 ),
J.T. Sheu, H.M. Lien and J.T.Liu(2007), Impact of Foreign Workers on Social Care, Labor Market and Economic Development, Research report for Council for Economic Planning and Development, (95)052.902
J.T. Sheu (2006), The Competition of Taiwan’s Gasoline Stations, NSC Research Report, NSC 94-2415-H-182-002-S
J.T. Sheu (2005), Health Insurance and Health Care Supply---An Empirical Study using Taiwan's Dentist Market (NSC research report, NSC-94-2415-H-182-001)
  Doctoral Dissertation
  Working Papers And Book Chapters
J.T. Sheu, and H.M Lien(2009), “Health Shocks, and Household Consumption and Saving,” working paper
J.T. Sheu and H.M. Lien(2009), “The Comparison NHRI dataset and Household Expenditure and Income Survey: Health Care Expenditure,”working paper.
Jui-fen Rachel Lu, J.T. Sheu, Mao-Ting Shen(2008), “Incentive and Competition in Hospital Market under Global Budget – The Case of Taiwan,” Working paper
J.T. Sheu and H.M. Lien(2008), “Will Patients be Better-off When Having More Choices of Health Care Providers?Evidence from Taiwan’s Chronic Renal Disease Patients with Hemodialysis Treatments”, working paper.
J.T. Sheu (2008), “Impact of National Health Insurance on Entry and Competition in Remote Areas, Evidence from Taiwan’s Dentist Market”, working paper
J.T. Sheu (2008),”Managed Care Provider Networks and Enrollees’ Provider Choics”, coauthor with Hsienming Lien, working paper
J.T. Sheu (2008), “Multi-Hospital Health System and Managed Care Provider Network: Implications for Costs and Quality”, working paper
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