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International Cooperation

     To expand Student’s Global Vision and awareness, as well as to raise foreign country competition, Department of Health Care Management, Chang Gung University, Course provides opportunities for and encourages students to participate in Overseas Exchange Programs and Trainings. In future, this course will further make use of both Internal and Overseas Exchange with allies and transnational cooperation to built on the Global Healthcare Management Industry as the core, to nurture Taiwan’s future Management Talents.

     In the recent years, the Chang Gung University Healthcare Management Students Overseas Exchange Programs are as follows: 2007/03~2008/02 Healthcare Management 江怡萱、李穎怡 Rykkio University
2007/09~2008/02 Health Care Management 楊美芬 University of Connecticut 
2007/09~2008/06 Health Care Management 李鈞喬 Paul Cezanne University, AIX-MARSEILLE III 
2008/09~2009/06 Health Care Management 許文舉 University of Connecticut 
2009/09~2010/07 Health Care Management Institute 廖哲沂 Rykkio University 
2010/09~2011/06 Health Care Management Institute 蔡明芸 Rykkio University 

     To apply for Students Overseas Exchange Program and Details of Partner Universities, Please kindly refer to the Chang Gung University Center for International as shown below: https://oia.cgu.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=en