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     Since its founding in 1993, the Department of Health Care Management has strived to sustain excellence in the education and research of healthcare management. The department is devoted to providing professional training in health care management, and ultimately, to improving the quality of health care services in Taiwan. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of health care management, the faculty of the department comes from a diverse background, with extensive academic training in health care related disciplines and/or practical experience in health care management. In addition, the department is affiliated with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the largest and reputedly the best managed hospital in Taiwan. Thus students are provided with a rich environment to learn the necessary knowledge and skills of health care management through class participation as well as internships in health care institutions. The department currently offers an undergraduate program (Bachelor of Science, B.S.) and a Master’s program (Master of Science, M.S.).     
     The department has received an enthusiastic response from high school graduates and the market alike since inception. It is a highly ranked choice of university entrance examination participants applying for undergraduate programs. Several health care institutions hold recruitment meetings on campus for the graduating class. In response to the popular demand, the Ministry of Education requested that the department increase its student enrollments from 40 to 50 back in 1997.
     Currently,the total number of students in our department is about 230.The department has 12 full-time faculty members, including 3 full professors.


Chao-Hsiung Chang
Laura Yueh-Guey Huang
Jui-fen Rachel Lu
Sou-Shan Wu
Hsu-Min Tseng 
Chia-Lin Li
Ji-Tian Sheu 2016.08~2020.07
Sherry Yueh-Hsia Chiu 2020.08~now